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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Igbaev Tasbolat Monbolovich
Igbaev Tasbolat MonbolovichIgbaev Tasbolat Monbolovich was born in 1938, on January, 17 in the village of Balkhashino of Sandykhtau district Akmolinsk oblast.


  • He had studied in Balkhashino secondary school since 1946 which he finished in 1956;

  • in 1958 he entered the Mining technical secondary school in Rudnik-Zhezkhazgan and graduated it;

  • in 1961 onspecialty Mining electro-mechanics; in 1962 he entered Karaganda Polytechnic Institute and graduated it;

  • in 1967 on specialty mining engineer on minerals deposits development by underground way;

  • from 1969 up to 1971 was learning in the post-graduate study of Karaganda Polytechnic Institute which he graduated it with thesis defence on specialty - «Labour security and ventilation» in 1972;

  • in 1984 — 1985 he was having three-months probation period according to DAAD system under the Mining Institute of Klausthal Technical University in the town of Klausthal-Tselerfeld in the Federal Republic of Germany; in 1998 he defended the doctor thesis on specialty «Physical processes of mining production» in the Institute Physics of mining rocks under the Kyrgyz Academy of Science of Byshkhek.


  • From 1956 up to 1961 he was working in the mines of Zhezkhazgan mining-metallurgical group of enterprises occupying the posts Igbaev Tasbolat Monbolovichas a shot-firer, a metalworker, a sector mechanical engineer;

  • From 1961 up to 1968 he was working in the mines of Karaganda coal group of enterprises occupying the posts as a metalworker, a shift mining mechanic, a mining master, an assistant sector master. He has an unbroken underground length of work of 12 years;

  • From 1968 up to 1979 he was working in Karaganda Polytechnic Institute in the posts as a probationer-researcher, a post-graduate student, an assistant, a superior teacher, a senior lecturer, the Balkhash branch of the Institute dean;

  • From 1979 up to 1981 he was working in Almaty Institute of Railway Engineers in tfye posts as a senior lecturer, Aktubinsk subsidiary;

  • From 1981 up to 1994 he was working in Kazakh Polytechnic Institute in the posts asf a senior lecturer, the Mining Faculty dean;

  • From 1994 up to 1997 he was working in the Defence Industry Committee in the posjt as a main specialist in ammunition and explosive substances and a department head in the Holding Company «KoMip» .

  • From 2001 up to 2004 he was working in Kazakh Architecture-Building Academy as a professor;

  • Since 2004 he has been working in Kazakh National Technical University by K.I. Satpaev as a chair professor «Chemical technology of inorganic substances» of the Metallurgy and Polygraphy Institute.

Scientific works and rewards:

He has a great experience of work (about 40 years) on educational, methodical and scientific work organization in Higher Schools Republic Kazakhstan. Over that period of work in Higher Schools he has read lectures and conducted practical classes in the disciplines as Materials Resistance, Labour Security, Explosive affair, Vital Activity Safety. He has published more than 120 scientific works including one monography, an electronic version of a textbook in the state language has been prepared and has about 30 author certificates on inventions and patents. He has prepared one candidate of technical science in the sphere of human safety. The total length of work is 53 years.

The title of senior lecturer has been granted him for his scientific works on blast-hole drilling works, but the title of professor in the sphere of Human Safety has been granted him for his publications on the theme Extreme Situations. The Council member on candidate ana doctor thesis defence on specialty «Extreme situations» under Kazakh National Technical University after K.I.Satpaev. Sector chair on Extreme Situations.

Professor Igbaev T.M. is a known specialist in the sphere of explosion energy regulation per unit of destroyed square and management by directed action of blasting. The main qualification is New managed and regulated ways of rocks destruction development by directed explosion energy. Original explosion technologies creation raising useful work of explosion substances blasting energy with time differentiation of blasting impulse, on the base of kinetic blasting energy increase of the simplest and the most safe ammonia-saltpetre Explosive Substances. The technology of rocks Igbaev Tasbolat Monbolovichdestruction by high frequent blasting has been developed providing significant resource-saving twice or more, reducing seismo-safety, non-scattering, and high safety of their utilization.

The developed methods of blasting useful work raise can be applied:

  • on blast-hole drilling works in mining industry;

  • for shooting and torpedoing of wells in oil-gas industry;

  • for road metal extraction under automobile and railways building, pile foundations erection and old buildings and constructions destruction;

  • in machine-building - for metal welding;

  • in nanotechnology — for artificial diamonds production by directed and controlled blasting;

  • for fire extinguishing where a small charge of directed action is used for delivery and putting of a fire-extinguishing substance;

  • under snow avalanche descent by a flat charge;

  • for development of cumulative charges of intensified action and ammunition in other directions of the Defence Complex.

Professor Igbaev T.M. reads scientific-popular public lectures on scientific-technical fundamentals of explosion energy regulation and their application methods in various branches of industry.

He speaks the Kazakh, Russian and German languages.Igbaev Tasbolat Monbolovich

He is rewarded by Diploma: Lenin Communist Union Youth Central Committee and Ail-Union Central Council Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, Higher and Secondary Education Ministry of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.


A daughter - Igbaeva Zh.T.,

born in 1964, English teacher.

A daughter - Igbaeva G.T.,

born in 1967, specialist in Logistics.

A grandson - Igbaev S.B.,

born in 1988, studies in specialty «Information Technologies» in England.