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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Beisenbayeva Sholpan
Beisenbaeva SholpanTeacher’s vocation and talent greatly influences the fortunes of the students. The leader’s experience creates the school image. Sholpan Beisenbayeva, Y.Altynsarin Medal holder, started the path of a director in M.Kh. Dulati gymnasium  №8 some years ago. She is noted for her practical experience and proficiency. But her most valuable quality is support everything her team does. A lot of competent and intelligent teachers are involved in the system of education but there is a lack of real and dedicated teachers. One of them is Sholpan Asylbekovna Beisenbayeva.

‘In 1972 Physics and Mathematics School was opened on the basis of school  №56 in Almaty. Being keen on Mathematics I entered this school, the 8th form. In a year it got a new status as O. Zhautykov Republican Specialized Physics and Mathematics Boarding School. After leaving school in 1974 I entered Kazakh State University (presently Al-Farabi Kazakh National University), the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, the specialty of Mathematics’ Sh. Beisenbayeva recalls. People define the easiest formula of happiness. You must be pleased to start and finish your working day. Taking this formula into consideration I can say I am happy and pleased. People characterize me as a teacher by vocation. Actually, being a teacher has become my vocation. I have never thought what university to enter and what profession to acquire. With no hesitation I am cut out for teaching. Every man has a predisposition to some activities. So our pedagogical genes were inherited from my parents. My father, mother, sisters, sisters-in-law and nephews are teachers. I can strongly confirm that we are the dynasty of teachers with 300 total working years. This fact became the first part of my success in my teaching. Moreover, it convinced me that I could greatly contribute to our society by teaching and upbringing of children.

After graduating from Kazakh State University I came back to Shymkent and became a teacher of Mathematics. I had to study again to develop students’ interests and motivation in my subject. My students responded with interest and turned to my innovations. In these conditions my first principle was formed: if you want to teach, study yourself; if you want to bring others up, bring yourself up; if you want to develop others, develop yourself.
Of course, not everything went off smoothly. I was searching for people who were noted for proficiency and professionalism. So my second principle was formed: if you want to reach the top, create a vision of the future, find your ideal. Since then I am tending to recognize teachers in people that give me the lessons of life and I become wiser and stronger.

Most children faced negative teaching experience. Some of them lack basic knowledge. The way how to compensate this disproportion is to motivate students, encourage them to reveal a wish to new and collect acquired knowledge. Being a teacher the new principle has come up: teach to study and arouse interest. It is relevant and possible if you get interest and satisfaction from the process of its formation.

Finally, every teacher is eager to see the results of his/her work but … upbringing does not yield quick results, tolerance helps you see them.

Two more principles are left that I could define and realize.  In my opinion they are of the highest priority. Is it necessary to develop the child if he/she does not show any talents?  Is it better to devote time to gifted children? How can we distinguish talent, gift and genius? How can we reveal talent in a child if he/she has been convinced in his/ her uselessness? In this case only teachers’ postulate can support: there are no untalented children. Every child is able and gifted in something. This principle helps to see and reveal the potential in every person and makes this potential be support in life and self-respect.

Taking my professional credo into consideration I was looking for a phrase that can convey the truth of my pedagogical work: you must be a teacher all day long. Teaching is a way of life. You can not be a teacher for 3 lessons a day, and then throw off the mask to relax. Sooner or later any image created for working with children will be revealed. A teacher must be a tool to bring up. A teacher can show the children how to tune up and improve. The conclusion is that there must be harmony in teacher’s personality and pedagogy.

How can we measure success? We can measure it with external consequences: winning the recognition, school management, relative financial prosperity. I consider my achievements in teaching and upbringing successful. It results in their victories in lives, gift reveal, and extension of their abilities, strengthening self-appraisal, and search for their happiness. Success of the leader depends on the atmosphere of common business supported by the teachers of the gymnasium. The formula of my success can be summarized in my principles, my leading statements in pedagogical work.

To sum up, I can deduce a formula of my success: a wish to be a teacher, finding an ideal for imitation, work in gymnasium – the place for self-realization, realization of the pedagogical principles and the team of teachers. But this formula is to be continued…

The German proverb: losing money is nothing, losing time is losing little, losing a friend is losing a lot, losing yourself is losing everything makes me follow my life credo, never lose my destiny and never bargain with conscience.

To find the time for work is the condition of success.
To find the time for thoughts is the source of strength.
To find the time for game is the secret of youth.
To find the time for reading is the basis of knowledge.
To find the time for friendship is the condition for happiness.
To find the time for dreams is the way to stars.
To find the time for love is a full joy of life.
To find the time for is the music of soul.