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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Tuleuov Kaldan Tuleuovich
Tulenov KaldanTuleuov Kaldan Tuleuovich was born in 1940 in the settlement called after the Soviet holiday «1 May», Syrdarya area, Kyzyl-Orda region. In 1958 I graduated 10 classes of secondary school there. The same year I entered the Medical School of Perm in Russia, which I graduated in 1963.

During 1963-1965 years – studied in clinical studies of the Medical School of Alma-ata city and was guided by Professor Chernova E.F. on the sub-faculty of surgery stomatology.

During 1965-1968 years I studied in post-graduate study and was guided by Professor Dmitrieva V.S. on the sub-faculty of maxillofacial plastic surgery.

In 1969  Tuleuov Kaldan defended the candidate thesis.Tuleuov Kaldan

After Moscow, Tuleuov Kaldan started working as an assistant and a senior lecturer of sub-faculty of surgeric stomatology. Of the Medical School of Alma-ata city.

Tuleuov Kaldan worked as a substitute for dean of stomatological faculty for 10 years in the Medical School of Alma-ata.

In 1990 Tuleuov Kaldan defended the doctoral thesis on the subject of «Improvement of plastic methods in plastic surgery of face’s lower part». That year I got the rank of professor.

During 1992-1997 years  Tuleuov Kaldan worked as a Director of studies on the sub-faculty of surgeric stomatology in the Kazakhstani national Medical University named after Asfeniyarov. Additionally I worked as a head doctor of Republican Stomatological Polyclinic.

Tuleov KaldanWorking as a professor of sub-faculty, he set up a new «Stomatology and maxillofacial surgery» sub-faculty in private Kazakhstani Medical University in Almaty. After the graduation of the first stream of doctors, I passed it to young generation.

Tuleuov Kaldan an author of more than 100 scientific articles, 20 author certificates, a special text-book for students of stomatological faculty (in Kazakh language) and a monography called «Plastic surgery of face’s lower part».

These years  he has supervised seriously ill patients in the sphere of plastic surgery in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today Tuleuov Kaldan a professor of surgeric stomatology sub-faculty in Kazakhstani National Medical School named after Asfendiyarov, academician of International Academy of Psychology, substitute for chairman supervising defendants of candidate and doctoral thesises, chairman of approbation council.Tuleuov Kaldan


Wife – Clara Kazhmukhanovna.

Daughters -  Ainash and Dana.

Son – Arman.

Tuleuov Kaldan has 5 grandsons and one great-grandson – Imanali.