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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Khaidarov Alim Khakimovich
Khaidarov Alim KhakimovichKhaidarov Alim Khakimovich was born on the 14th of June, 1944 in Alma - Ata city. For all my life I have been living in Alma - Ata - Almaty.

In 1962 I left secondary school № 39 and began working as a technician - hydrologist at the Alma - Ata Hydrological station of the Kazakh Administration under  the USSR Hydrometeorological Service (KazAHMS). From here I was called up for military service, served at the North and the Black Sea Fleets. After four - year service continued to work at the KazAHMS on naval speciality – operator of radio-locating station.  In 1972 I passed to the Mud-torrent

Department of the Kazakh Scientific-Research Hydrometeorological Institute (KazSRHMI), having connected myself with studying this phenomenon for ever.

In 1979 continuing to work I graduated from the Geological Survey faculty of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute on speciality – hydro- geology and engineering geology.Khaidarov Alim Khakimovich

Working in the KazSRHMI I headed detachments of the Complex Mud-torrent Expedition which studied mud-torrent phenomena on the territory of the  USSR from Yakutia to Pamir, including Zailiysky, Dzungarsky, Kungey, Terskey Alatay and other places.  From 1972 till 1978 took active part in unique experiments on artificial reproduction of natural mud-torrents on the Chemolgan Testing area under Yuriy Borisovich Vinogradov’s leadership which till now has not been repeated in the World practice. From these experiments on a new qualitative level began science on mud-torrents, which got its development in works of the Department scientists: Vinogradov Yu.B., Honin R. V., Mochalov B.P., Stepanova T. S., Vardugin V.N., and others. Boris Sergeyevich Stepanov made decisive contribution to science.

As a research worker on the results of expeditionary and experimental researches I published 19 works in scientific literature, was an active rationalizer in the sphere of working out equipment and mechanisms, making easier expeditioner and experimenter labour.

After liquidation of the Institute I passed to the Kazhydromet – the Hydro-Forecast Department of the Hydrometeocenter, where I am doing forecasting mud-torrents and as far as possible continue expeditionary explorations.

haidarov_1Khaidarov Alim Khakimovich married.

Wife – Khaidarova-Samitina Irina Petrovna – a teacher- methodologist, worked as a head of studies, assistant director on scientific- methodological work at school № 8; she is one of the best  German teachers in Almaty.

At present she works as a German teacher in the «Vozrozhdenie»(«Rebirth») German Society on technical cooperation.Khaidarov Alim Khakimovich

His life credo – «not to be cast down – everything will pass» and «remember the Eternal».

A real hobby of all my life and not only a hobby but work (true without pay) has become photography. I began photographing since my school-days, I am a self- taught. Unfortunately, realization that having missed a moment you will never get it back – comes very late. How many priceless stills from history of my home town the Photodocuments Department of the Almaty archives has lost because of above mentioned reason as I am one of the Fund’s makers. That is why a half of my photograph exhibitions I devote to my home town, its history and present day  trying to make up for the lost in the youth. The second half of my heart I give to the nature of my native land, nature and people of all the corners of our former «great mother land», where I have been lucky to be.

There are not eternal truths in science, mundane glory is transient and only moments of life imprinted with the impassive object-glass of the camera and by photographer’s hot heart are eternal. At least, I would like to hope for it.