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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Amanov Batyrbai
Amanov BatyrbaiAmanov Batyrbai was born in 20.08.1948 in Kaskelen town of Almaty oblast of the RK. In 1968 he graduated the Almaty Hydro-meliorative Technical College, and successfully graduated the Tselinograd Agricultural Institute in 1978.

He begun his career as a technical worker of Middle-Asian Aerophotosurvey Enterprise of the MAC of the USSR, later in State Institute of Agricultural Aerophoto Survey of State Committee on land relations and land-tenure regulations of the RK, where he worked until 2000.

During his job his position raised in such grades:

  • In 1971 he was appointed to the post of the head of the party.

  • In 1979 - a Senior Engineer.

  • In 1979 - an Expedition Head.

  • In 1985 - a Deputy Administrative Director.

  • In 1994 - a Director of the SIAAR.

  • In 2000 B.Amanov was appointed to the post of the Republican State Treasury «Kazgeokart» Enterprise.Amanov Batyrbai

The demarcation of state border of the RK with PRC was finished under the leadership of B.Amanov. He particularly run the organization of field works on demarcation and personally carried out the field control on setting up the border symbols on the line of the border.

In the membership of Government Delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.Amanov actively took participation in negotiations on state border delimitation of Kazakhstan with Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkimenstan. Upon the negotiations consistently and based on principles disputed the position of the Republic of Kazakhstan on passing of line of the border.

During 2005-2008 he personally organized and leaded field demarcation works in severe physical--geographic and climatic conditions in Kazakhstan-Uzbek and Kazakhstan-Turkmen state borders.

Since the current year under the leadership of B.Amanov jobs on demarcation of the Kazakhstan-Russian state border, which is one of the Amanov Batyrbailongest in the world - more than 7500 km are carried out.

Pursuant to Resolution №8 of the Kazakhstan Republic Government dated 11 January 2008   B.Amanov was assigned as a Deputy Government Delegation Manager of the RoK in Joint State Border Demarcation Commissions of the Kazakhstan Republic with the Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan and with the Republic of Uzbekistan.

B.Amanov has gained authority among the enterprise team and the specialists of branch topographic--geodesic and cartographic production.

B. Amanov is an honest, respectable, self-motivated specialist worried about the production. An exemplary family man who has two daughters.

During his job in enterprise B.Amanov was rewarded with:Amanov Batyrbai

  • Certificate of Honour of the RK MFA for successfully conducting of median line of the Caspian Sea with Russia.

  • Diploma of Merit of the RK Agency on land resources management for active participation in negotiations on setting up historical border of the RoK and due to the Independence Day of the RK.

  • Letter of Thanks of the RK MFA for active effort in the formation of the state borders of the RK and due to the Independence Day of the RK.

  • Jubilee medal «Қазақстан Конституциясына 10 жыл»;

  • Medal «Ерен еңбегі үшін»;