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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Mamyruly Talgat
Talgat MamyrulyTalgat Mamyruly was born in 1961.

In 1978 he entered Shynzhang University in China by speciality «engineer of computer technology». After graduating University with a distinction he worked as a teacher at the University. He also engaged in scientific research work.

In 1989-1991 he studied at the post-graduate study at Fudan University in Shanhai. He has a command of Kazakh, English, Chinese and Russian.

In 1993 he returned home to Kazakhstan. From 1993 to 1997 he worked as a scientific researcher in National Scientific Academy of the Institute of informatics.

In 1997 he established the company «Erke-Nur» with his wife Farida Merhamitkyzy. From 2004 to 2008 he studied for degree of doctor external in North Central University in the state Arizona, the USA. He got scientific profession «Doctor of administrative business».

In 2007 he opened the college of International Kazakh-Chinese language Academy and he is a director of this educational establishment. The main direction of the college is to prepare specialists who will know world-wide languages and have ability for competition.

The mission of the college:

Preparation of specialists in condition of Kazakhstan entering to new civilized level of development, globalization of international relations.Talgat Mamyruly

The Purpose of activity of International kazakh-chinese college is:

  • Helping the development of professional education, directed on forming, developing the personality on the base of national and social importance, achievements of science and practice;

  • Satisfaction of social-economic needs, and also promote the development of international cooperation of Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education.

The college has the state licence №0102691 from 10th of February, 2009. The period of action of licence is unlimited and founded on a base of «Erke-Nur» company, which has been existing since 1997.

The Structure and principles of college’s activity:

Talgat Mamyruly«International kazakh-chinese language college» is planning and going to provide a preparation on internal form of studying by the following directions:

  • Specialization 0512000 – «Interpreter business». Qualification of graduates – 0512013 – interpreter (with knowledge of Chinese and English languages).

  • Specialization 0511000 – «Tourism». Qualification of graduates – 0511043 – manager (with knowledge of Chinese and English languages).

  • Specialization 0105000 – «Education for beginners». Qualification of graduates – 0105033 – the teacher of foreign languages for Beginners (with knowledge of Chinese and English languages).

  • Specialization 1211000 – «Clothes design and sewing manufacture». Qualification of graduates – 1211083 – designer-constructor (with knowledge of Chinese and English languages)

The recourse base of college:

«International kazakh-chinese language college» has a proper building. There are equipped classrooms of Kazakh language, history, language laboratory, computer classroom with internet access, classrooms of construction is completely equipped.

There is a library, modern reading hall with 30 places in International kazakh-chinese language college. The stock of literature consists of more than 600 samples by the directions of education.

College is connected up to international system of Internet in the On-line operation. There is an electronically post both for the official utilization and for students study.

Main peculiarity of studying:Talgat Mamyruly

  • Official standarts of professional secondary education with deep theoretical and practical studying of English and Chinese languages;

  • Modern methods of education with using audio-visual and computer facilities;

  • Professional practice in organizations, companies, in which workers with knowledge of English and Chinese are required.

Graduates get the diplomas of state sample. Students that assimilated English and Chinese language and those who had finished college with good or excellent marks will continue studying at universities in China according to the contract and universities of Republic of Kazakhstan by the recommendation of “Epke-Nur” company and teachers of the college.

There are courses of Chinese, Russian and English languages organized in college (1 year, 6 months).

The group of teachers is formed of high-qualified teachers, scientists.