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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
The Satpaev Kazakh National Technical University
Satpaev Kazakh National Technical UniversityThe Satpaev Kazakh National Technical University is near 75 years of age and its integral role and part of Higher Education System, republic formation and furnishing it with engineers cannot be exaggerated.  Almost all the research-and-development plant of Kazakhstan was created by the «Polytech», as it’s popularly styled, alumni and their unjaded mind.

Among them quite a number of Heroes of the Soviet Union and socialist labour,  recipients of the State Prize and the Prize of the Kazakhstan Government, foremost statesmen, heads of production enterprises, branches and regions, deputies of Parliament, scientists of world-wide reputation, prosperous manufacturers, and ordinary constructors and engineers devoted to their craft.Satpaev Kazakh National Technical University

Holding to the ancient traditions, KazNTU now is not only the leading research and  Education and Methodics Centre of the Republic, but also take action to lead the field of higher technical education of Kazakhstan.

As an example last year the University scientific board accepted the Development Programm in 2008-2011, the primary intent of which- transformation our University in the University of Innovative Type.

It means that educational and scientific activities must are to be based on innovative approach and methods of management, efficient use of  intellectual potential in order to create constant growing-points providing flow of financial resources.

Nowadays KazNTU is 11 disciplined institutes, 54 Chairs, where 200 doctors of science and more than 600 Candidates of Science carry out research. In partnership with them we take system steps for academic activity improving, specialist training quality enhancement, and the conversion to a three-leveled system (Bachelor-Master-PhD) is completed. The University is certified by the quality management system certification against the ISO 9001 quality standard of the «Russian Register Certification Association and The International Certification Network (IQNet)».

Satpaev Kazakh National Technical UniversityThe introduction of modern IT education, including usage of multimedia training programs and information resources, becomes a regular thing. Our students make a convenience of electronic textbooks, trainers and systems mounted on the Web for distance learning. For all this traditional and electronic funds are permanently refilled with the most recent scientific and educational editions. We are devoted to the International Accreditation  of 12 Bachelor's programmes at the following leading foreign agencies ASIIN(Germany),  ABET(USA) and Russian Association for Engineering Education AC. Double Diploma in our University is in progress now, and in Bologna we signed the «Magna Charta Universitatum», so that confirming documentarily entering into the European Higher Education Area.

Started training of bachelors, masters and PhD Doctors of the signed contracts with Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys Girne American University/Cyprus Swedish Royal Institute of Technology  Henri Poincaré University (Université Henri Poincaré, UHP, also known as Nancy 1). KazNTU is one and only University among the CIS Universities elected partner of the «Chevron» corporation Satpaev Kazakh National Technical Universityand there are only 16 such universities in the world.

Moreover the University has such distinguished partners as «Schlumberger», «British Gas», «Agip», «Baker Hughes» and others. The integral part of KazNTU educational process is research activity. Last year the total research funding volume amounted to two million U.S. dollars. For example at the University the Kazakh NAS Earth science department carry out its research, then we have the engineering complex laboratory equipped to more then 1, 5 million U.S. dollars, and we have a functioning Tech park. In 2009 the Kazakhstan Government grant was won for establishing a National Laboratory of multiple-access computing and space. Russian higher education institutions fill a prominent niche of KazNTU international relations, with which we have upward of 10 memorandums of partnership.

Russian higher education institutions fill a prominent niche of KazNTU international relations, with which we have upward of 10 memorandums of partnership. Bauman Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow Power Engineering, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russian State Geological Prospecting University, Mendeleev Russian State chemical-engineering University. We work in close cooperation with  a number of Universities  in the part of peer tuition of specialists, masters, teachers, students and PG students exchange. In January of the current year we made a contract with the Accreditation Centre «Russian Association of Technical Education», within the frame of which the accreditation of 5 specialties is planned.

Satpaev Kazakh National Technical University faces it’s the 75th Anniversary with weighted achievements. At the same time we are in for primary objectives as our students are expected to realize the Programme for Industrial Technological Development, proposed by the Head of the state N.A. Nazarbaev at the XII Congress of  «Nur-Otan»  People’s Democratic Party.