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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Ibragimova Roza Safiullovna
Ibragimova Roza Safiullovna,Ibragimova Roza Safiullovna,a doctor of Medical sciences, professor of the department of surgical stomatology of the Kazakh National medical university named after  S.D.Asfendiyarov was born in Guryev (now Atyrau) of the Kazakh SSR in 1941 y. on the 17 th of February. Her father Safiulla Shakhigireyebich went to the front when she was 9 months & never returned back from the war. Her mother Maginur Garifovna brought up 5 children by herself. Among them there were an oil industry worker, an architect, an agronomist, an aircraft designer & a doctor.

Roza Safiullovna finished a secondary school in Guryev in 1959 y. After graduating from the Almaty State medical institute (now the Kazakh National medical university, named after S.D.Asfendiyarov), stomatological faculty, she worked as a doctor- stomatologist in Ust-Kamenogorsk. She had been studying at the clinical post-graduate studies at the ASMI department of orthopedic stomatology from 1966-68 yy.

Ibragimova R.S. began her pedagogical activity in 1968 y. as an assistant of the department of topographic anatomy & operative surgery where for the 4 years she had been teaching a discipline at the therapeutic, pediatric & stomatological faculties. This work enlarged her professional & general medical outlook that resulted in transferring her to the department of surgical stomatology in 1974 y.

She is an experienced teacher. She is a master of her subject. She delivers her lectures with emotions in a simple way. She holds her audience perfectly. She considers cultivating clinical thinking &Ibragimova Roza Safiullovna with her husbend practical skills in the students & doctors-interns to be the main purpose of her pedagogical activity so she involves every student into the discussing of the theme & the treatment of patients.

Ibragimova R.S, is engaged with the methodic work very actively. All methodic supplies on the theme “Nerostomatology’ & “TFC in stomatology” have been compiled by herself. For the 20 years period she had been the head of studies at the surgical stomatology department. She took part in developing qualification testimonials of a doctor – stomatologist, model programmes, state standards. She is the author of a number of publications dealing with stomatological education.

Roza Safiullovna is the founder of a new direction in medicine as neurostomatology in Republic of Kazakhstan. Her Candidate thesis was devoted to the theme “State of teeth in children with cerebral paralysis”. It was the first scientific work in the USSR dealt with stomatological status in children with   cerebral paralysis. The revealed correlation between the terms of occurring pathological factor resulted in the development of children cerebral paralysis (antenatal, natal & post-natal pathology) & affection of teeth by carious & non-carious diseases in those children was the base of one of the conceptions of teeth caries pathogenesis.

Doctoral thesis of Roza Safiullovna on the theme “Diagnostics & treatment for syndrome of pain disfunction of the temporal-mandibular joint with applying alternative methods” revealed  the actual problems of update Ibragimova Roza Safiullovnastomatology. The diseases of the temporal-mandibular joint occur in 20-76 % of population & syndrome of pain disfunction – in up to 70-89% of them. It is likely to be one of the complicated and difficult to diagnose diseases which cause problems not only to the stomatologists but to the doctors of the other specialities as neurologists, otorhinolaryngologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapeutists, endocrinologists & others. Even at visiting a doctor in time the disease often remains not diagnosed that is not cured.    Ibragimova R.S. revealed the jatrogenic character of almost 40% of this disease. She is the author of the classification of errors & complications resulting in the given pathology development. The   algorythm of diaginostics & standards of the complex treatment for diseases of the    temporal-mandibular joint elaborated & applied by herself are of great importance for the practical public health.

In spite of the pedagogical, scientific & surgical activity Roza Safiullovna, a highly qualified doctor, clinicist renders medical aid to the group of severe patients with the diseases of facial nerves & the temporal-mandibular joint which are the special sphere of stomatology. Curing these patients requires great patience, communicative skills, ability to make a contact in the system of “a doctor-a patient”. It becomes a part of her daily routine.
She actively uses reflexanalgesy for anesthesia of different stomalogical interferences, & in cases of patients’ allergy to local anasthetics.

Annually   Roza Safiullovna makes reports at the Republican Scientific-practical conferences & International Forums. She has got 6 inventions, 120 scientific works, published in different issues of Kazakhstan, Russian, Uzbekistan.
Doctor of higher category, she was rewarded with a medal “Labour Veteran”, certificates “The inventor of USSR”, “Excellent worker of Public Health”, a gold medal of KazNMU “For With son and grandsonscontribution into the development of medical education”.

Her husband is Azerbayev Nadir Abdulkadyrovich, geologist, Doctor of geologo-mineralogical sciences.

Her son is an engineer on speciality “Engines of aircrafts”.

Her grandsons Ruslan & Eric are schoolboys.

She takes a great interest in music, active rest & skiing. She has a nice voice.

Love to life, kindness, readiness to help to everybody who needs it are her vital principles. As a teacher Roza Safiullovna follows the ancient Greek quotation “Aliis inserviendo consumor”, as a doctor she holds the principles of soul purity, sympathy & self-sacrificing.