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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Absattar Haji Derbisali
Absattar Haji Derbisali Absattar Haji Derbisali was born on September 15, 1947 in Tyulkubass region, ex-Shymkent oblast.

Orientalist, theologian, theorist of literature, writer and critic. He graduated from the Sounth-Kazakhstan University named after Auezov M.O., the Faculty of Philology with honors back in 1969.

1970 – 1975 - an intern and postgraduate of the Moscow Institute of Oriental studies, the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Took an upgrade qualification in Arabic language and literature at the Royal University, Morocco in 1975 – 1976 and in Arabic Repiblic of Tunisia in 1985 – 1986.

In 1976 – 1977 - a researcher of M.Auezov Institute of Literature and Arts of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 1977 – assistant, seniour teacher, associated professor, vice-dean of the Faculty of Philology, Head of Department of Oriental Philology in Kazakh National Universtity named after Al-Farabi.

In 1986 – 1988 – a PhD student of the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, the USSR Academy of Sciences.

In 1989 – the Dean of the Oriental Studies Faculty, in 1991 – 1997 – a pro-rector on the languages and international affairs in Al-Farabi University.

In 1997 – 2000 – an advisor of the Ambassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, possesses «the First class advisor» diplomatic rank.

In 2000 and 2005, at the third and the forth Kurultai of Muslims of Kazakhstan was elected as a Supreme Mufti and the Chairman of the Religious Administration of Muslims of the Rebublic of Kazakhstan. In 2007 was unanimously elected as a Chairman of Central Asia Council of Miftis. In August, 2000, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in April, 2002, in Cyprus and in May, 2009, in Istambul he was elected three times as the First Deputy chairman of the Eurasian Islamic Shura at the International Conferences IV-V-VI.

In 1977 defended a Phd thesis on «Development stages of Marocco Arabic literature» (research advisor – Professor Zavadovsky Y.N.). In 1988 defended doctor’s thesis «Evolution of art development of Arabic Marocco word in VII-XX centuries».

Since 1989 – a Professor, since 1995 – an Academician of the Higher school of Acedemy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Being a representative of the Sciences of Kazakhstan he gave lectures at he Universities of Bagdad (Irak), Sana (North Yemen), Aden (South Yemen), Meknes (Marocco), Tokio (Japan), Kashmir (India), Peshawar (Pakistan), Madrid (Spain), Columbia (New-York). Absattar Haji Derbisali
Participated and delivered the reports in many international theory conferences and simposiums (1985 – in Dushanbe, 1989, 2000, 2004 – in Moscow,  1992 – in Alexandria, 1995 – in Seoul, 1996 – in Madrid, 1999 – in Dehli, Kashmir, 2002 – in Berlin, 2003 – in Cairo, 2004 – in Athens). He also participated in religious and cultural congresses of UNESCO (2000 – in Tashkent, 2001 – in Doha).

The Chairman of Education and Methodics Council of Orientalists affiliated with the Ministry of and Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the bureau of Kazakh branch of the USSR Orientalists Assossiation, a member of coordinating Council of the East literature of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a member of the Social and Humanitarian Sciences of National Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of Writers and Journalists Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of Council of the Assembly of nations of Kazakhstan, a member of the Human Rights Commission under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Chairman of Association of Kazakh-Arabian Frendship between Kazakhstan and foreign countries in the past.

Awarded by Honorary Letter of State Committee for Public Education of the USSR (1984).

Contributed a lot to get the «Al-Farabi» name for KazNU. «Honored Professor» of ten state Universities of our Republic, Academician of Arabian International Academy (Cairo).

Absattar Derbisali is one of the founders of modern science called «Arabistics». He is the first Doctor of Science, first Professor, first Academician in our country in arabistics.

Organized for the first time the department of Arabic and oriental languages as well as Oriental studies faculty at KazNU named after Al-Farabi and became the first Head of department and later the first Dean of that faculty. Under his leadership Urdu, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages specialities and literalure departments were opened in our Republic for the first time. Thus, our Republic started training of national personnel in oriental staudies who were in huge demand in our country.

More than 600 of scientific works belong to his pen having theoretical and practicl value related to the subjects of Arabic language and literature, about history and culture, ancient Kazakh literature and culture, about spiritual connection with Muslim countries of the East, about their ideology and history of Islam, about Quran and Hadith of our Prophet.  There were no such works not only in the USSR but even in the countries of the East itself.  He made a research and translated into Kazakh all epitaphs written on the monuments of Hodja Ahmet Yassaui Mausoleum. He discovered and introduced to the scientific envoronment the names of nearly a hundred of scientists and Absattar Haji Derbisali thinkers of Kazakh land who lived in X-XVII centuries. Abu’l Qasim al-Farabi, Ismail al-Djauhari al-Farabi, Abu-Ibrahim Ishaq al-Farabi, Burhan ud-Din Ahmad al-Farabi, Mahmud al-Farabi, three of Kerderi, three of Sayrami (Isfidjabi), seven of Turkestani, thirty one of Tarazi, Boyloq Kypchaki, Hasan Ali Djalairy, Giyas ud-Din Dendy, Husam ud-Din Sygnaki and others who wrote their works in Arabic, Percian, Chagatai languages and their works are stored in various libraries of the world and Manuscripts Funds. He read lectures about these thinkers at the departments of oriental studies and philology. A research advisor of graduation papers of the students and masters. There are a lot of Phd and doctoral works defended under Absattar Derbisali guidance. The research of Muhammed Haidar Dulati’s life and oeuvre is of a great importance in his activity. Visited Kashgariya (1994), Pakistan (1995), India (1998) and found a grave of the great scientist in Qashmir region. He decoded his eptaph. Based on the manuscripts in Berlin and Kashgariya he translated from chagatay language «Djahan-name» poem by Dulati and published it in translation (Bylym, Almaty 2006). And he published some of his researches on this poem.

At the same time he actively participated in the opening of «Nur Mubarak2, Egyptian University of Islam culture; he opened the Republican Islamic Institute of qualification raising for Imams; for the first time ever he organized republican competition on the best reading of Quran; promulgates «Kadyr tuny» during Ramadan by organizing broadcasting from the Central Mosque on Kazakh TV channels. Conducts many other religious, spiritual and educational events.  In 2003 and in September 2006 he made his contribution in organizing and holding a congress of the leaders of world and traditional religions in Astana.

Absattar Haji Derbisali was awarded with the «Science and art» first - degree Order of the Arab Republic of Egypt. It was related to the establishment of Arabic language and literature school in Kazakhstan.  In 2001 received the award of «Parasat» Order for his fundamental works on Islam history, culture and religion, for substantial contribution into Kazakhstani science development, literature and culture. In 2001 awarded with the «10 years of the Republic of Kazakhstan Independance» anniversary medal, in 2005 - with the «10 years of the Republic of Kazakhstan Constitution», in 2008 – with the «10 years of Astana». In 2007 awared with the Honored Medal «For Absattar Haji Derbisali contribution and development of the science of the Republic of Kazakhstan» of the Ministry of Science and Eduation of the Republic of  Kazakhstan. In 2005 in accordance with the decision of Maslihat of Tyulkubas region of South Kazakhstan oblast deserved a title of «Honored citizen of Tyulkubas region». The same year, in accordance with the decision of Maslihat of South Kazakhstan oblast deserved a title of «Honored citizen of Sounth Kazakhstan oblast». He contributed a lot of efforts in friendship and solidarity strengthening of  Kazakhstan nations for the purpose of consent and respect among religions.

Main research works of Absattar Haji Derbisali: «Deep roots» (researches and articles) «Zhazushy», A…, 1981; Arabic literature. Classical stage. «Mektep», A…, 1982; Arabic literature of Marocco. «Nauka», A.., 1983; In «1000 and 1 night» country, A.., 1986;  In ancient Arabic land. A.., 1992; Literature of Marocco. «Nauka», M…, 1993 (co-authors Prozhogina S.V., Vlassova O.A.); Starts of Kazakh steppes. Historical and philological research. «Rauan», A.., 1995; Muhammed Haidar Dulati. Bibliography, A.., 1999; Islam and contemporaneity (interviews and articles, comments and literary research), A.., 2003; Pearls of Islamic heritage. Historical and philological researches essay and sketches. А.., 2008;  Mosques and medreses in Kazakhstan. Spiritual rays. Religious and historical sketchbook. «Aruna», А.., 2009.

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