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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Abdullaev Ondassyn Abdullaevich
Abdullaev Ondassyn AbdullaevichI, Abdullaev Ondassyn Abdullaevich, was born on the 13 of September in 1948 in the collective farm named by Kirov, Enbekshikazakh district, Almaty region in the family of employers.

I graduated Almaty musical college named by Tchaikovsky in 1968. In 1980 I graduated Almaty state conservatoire named by Kurmangazy.

My labour activity I began by the teacher of music and singer in Issik Pedagogical college, then worked as a teacher in the children's musical school in Issik and Almaty. Up August 1979 worked as a Methodist in laboratory of music education and aesthetic education of the Ministry of Education of the Kazakh SSR. During 1980-1982 I worked as the teacher at the Republican secondary special music school named after Kuliash Baiseitova. I had been working as an inspector of a department of educational work of the Ministry of Education of the Kazakh SSR from 1982 till 1984.

I was appointed in the capacity of director of Republican secondary special musical school named by Kuliash Baisetova, (reformed on the basis of decree of Government RK №604 9 April 2000 year to the State establishment the «Republican secondary specialized music school named by Kuliash Baisetova for gifted children») since Dikanbaeva M. A.November 1984 up to the present.

I was appropriated a honorary title of «Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan» by the decree of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan from October, 24, 1996, have got the national degree - the Senior lecturer of the Kazakh National Conservatoire named by Kurmangazy, and was awarded «Parasat» by the decree of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan №708 from 5 December in 2008, was awarded a sign of «Ybyrai Altynsarin»on the 23 of May in 2008. I got the title «the Pedagogue- investigator» by the decree of the Presidium of the social- unification «Kazakh Academy of education» from October, 8, 2006.

I left in structure of masters of the arts of Kazakhstan: to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece, Germany, the USA, and Italy.

I am an author of manuals for learning children's musical schools and colleges:

  • «Reader for bayan» (1981);

  • «Reader for bayan» (1984).

  • The author processing's and transpositions for bayan of the Kazakh national songs and kuy, and also clauses.

Abdullaeva A.O.All my pupils became winners of the republican, international competitions. I was awarded with signs:

  • «The Honors of culture SSSR» JVs 286 from 17. 09. 1990;

  • «The Honors of national education Kazakh SSR» from 22. 04. 1988;

  • «The Honorable worker of education and science of the RK and Ministry
    of culture of RK».

Married, have got 2 daughters.

  • Wife - Dikanbaeva M. A.- the teacher of musical- theoretical subjects;

  • The daughter - Abdullaeva A.O.- the teacher in the Kazakh National Conservatoire named by Kurmangazy;

  • The daughter - Abdullaeva S.O.- the Master of international relation;

  • Father - Shildebaev Abdulla - was the worker of Party, died in 1966;

  • Mother - Shildebaeva Kantai - was housekeeper, died in 1995;

  • Brother - Shildebaev Kuat - composer, the member of the composer's Union of RK.

  • Sisters - are working in the system of culture and education.