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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
School «Extern»
School «Extern»Formation of independent Kazakhstan, necessity of reforming of an education system has put teachers in the face of the following alternative: or to become conductors of the taken roots doctrine and by means of formation to carry out purposeful formation of the person, or to go by the way of construction in an education sphere of the new social organisation of a life which would help self-realisation of each concrete pupil. World experience of democratic tendencies in formation and in a society also as a whole showed tendency to reorganisation the secondary school, instead of a grammar school or lycée. In 1993 teacher Sosedova Elizaveta Igorevna at the desire of the former pupils, had been based school «Extern».

Authorised activity school «Extern»: secondary school of individual education, including regular preparation for externes examinations without attending lectures.

Pedagogical collective is focused for the concept that the overwhelming majority of children differs from each other not abilities, and time which is necessary for successful development of the theory and its practical application.
Parents should believe that «Ability it is possible to develop». «Succes of training depends not only on abilities of the child and professionalism of teachers, but also from discipline of educational work».

«Problems of dialogue and stay in collective it is possible to overcome».

language  fof Education - Russian.

Reception to school – by interview  for vacant places. School «Extern»

At the basis of education programs - state educationaly standard that guarantees to each child social security (school lie is a component of uniform educational space of Almaty and Republics Kazakhstans).

School «Extern» is the adaptive model of school, in which the educational system adapts for possibilities and requirements of the schoolboy takes root and is provided the scopely approach to an estimation of results of educational process.

With 1993 y. school «Extern» to insert the model of inclusive education within the limits of the international project of UNESCO takes root exclusive for Kazakhstan and the countries of the Central Asia «Formation for all».

With 1995 y. school «Extern» Participates in the international pilot project ESL on introduction of the program of studying of English language as the second.

With 1997 y. school «Extern» Participates in the international Internet project  «Management and economic planning».

With 2000 y. school «Extern» Participates in the interdisciplinary project of UNESCO «Culture of the world».

With 2000 y. school «Extern» Participates in the international program of UNESCO «Formation for the Sustainable development», contemplating a problem of formation of pupils with the limited possibilities of health, as to a human rights issue.

School «Extern»With 2006 y. school «Extern» Participates the international program PISA on scope an estimation of preparation of the graduate of school is approved.

With 2007 y. school «Extern» Participates in the pilot project of the company «Edusoft» (Israel) on introduction of multimedia educational programs of creative development of children of an elementary school and English language of all levels.

The 1993 y.-State licence for the right of educational activity

2000y. - UNESCO Certificate

2005y. - State certification