Biskultanov Murat Mukhambetgalievich
Biskultanov Murat MukhambetgalievichBiskultanov Murat Mukhambetgalievich was born in December 1, 1965 in Russia, Orenburg area, Sorochinsk region, village Tolkaevka.

In 1983 after completion of  school he entered the faculty of Technology of Mechanical Engineering of the Orenburg Polytechnical Institute.

After graduating from the Institute in 1990 he worked as Production Engineer in the plant «Geotechnika».

In 1992 he moved to Almaty where he had private business. Since 2005 and up to 2007 he worked as Commercial Director of Joint Stock Trading and Financial Company «Trading Company Temirbeton».

Since 2007 he works as General Director of reinforced concrete constructions in Joint Stock Company Ltd «Temirbeton-1».

Married and has 2 children.