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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Intykbayev Altynbek Myrzadylovich
Intykbayev Altynbek MyrzadylovichIntykbayev Altynbek Myrzadylovich - distinguished Inventor of Republic of Kazakhstan, PhD , associate professor of KazNTU.

Intykbayev Altynbek Myrzadylovich was born in 1934, on March, 17 in Akmolinsk (now Astana) in a working class family. His parents worked at construction sites Turksib railroad and in 1940 moved to Alma-Ata. In 1942 his father was drafted into the army and in 1943, died at the front, in the same year Intykbayev A.M. entered first grade and in 1953 he graduated 10 classes of secondary school N32 in Chu, Zhambyl region. After completing his studies in school, Intykbayev A.M. entered the Kazakh Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (now the Kazakh National Technical University name after K.I. Satpayev) on the metallurgy department. And after its graduation in 1958 Intykbayev A.M. has got engineer metallurgies profession of nonferrous, rare and noble metals. Then he was sent to work in the city Ust-Kamenogorsk on the lead-zinc plant name after Lenin.

Intykbayev A.M. started working in the shop of a lead smelting factory, worked in various engineering and technical positions (assistant shift foreman, shift foreman, engineer and head of department slag processing installation).

In 1968, as a specialist in the field of electrothermal processes, Intykbayev A.M. was offered in a job as chief of electro-thermal plant at Leninogorsk polymetallic plant of Leninogorsk city (now Ridder) East-Kazakhstan region. As head of metallurgical plant, engaged in construction and adjustment of working drawings for the future of electro-thermal shop recycling of lead and zinc refineries. Having worked in this position for 4 years, in 1972, Intykbayev A.M. returned to the Ust-Kamenogorsk city in the lead-zinc plant for the position of an experienced technologist metallurgical shop, where he was improving and developing new technology for production of lead, zinc, copper and precious metals. Being engaged directly in the production of research, in 1974 Intykbayev A.M. was entered studies absentia in the Chemical Metallurgical Institute of Karaganda and in 1979 successfully defended his thesis by assigning a degree of candidate of technical sciences. In 1981 Intykbayev A.M. was appointed as a chief of development and metallurgical plants pyrometallurgical plot.

Given the enormous scientific and practical contribution to the development and improvement of non-ferrous metals in 1989 Intykbayev A.M. was invited to a public service to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, in Alma-Ata (formerly the Ministry of Non-ferrous Metallurgy Kaz SSR) for the post of chief specialist mining and smelting complex. In the period of work in the Ministry of Industry and Trade took part in preliminary talks to attract foreign investors in the development of new industries and redistributed non-ferrous metallurgy. In particular, participated in negotiations with the Israel company for the production of metallic aluminum by electrolysis of melts on the basis of the Pavlodar aluminum plant, as well as with the Finnish company «ABB» Installation of new waste-heat boilers in the copper redistribution in Dzhezkazgan Balkhash and factories. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, he worked until 1995 because of its move to Astana. Then Intykbayev A.M. was invited to work in the Turkish firm as a consultant of the Company President for the supply of raw materials and equipment to the enterprises of mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan Republic.

Given the large research and production experience, in 2001 Intykbayev A.M. was invited to the Kazakh National Technical University name after K.I. Satpayev, the department "Chemical technology of inorganic substances" for the post of senior lecturer (docent) of faculty, where he still works. During his work at the Institute of Metallurgy and Polygraphy, Intykbayev A.M. developed 4 practical exercises guidance and 10 teaching and learning facilities for students. In addition, Intykbayev A.M. is the author of 3 textbooks of special nuclear-chemical technology.

Research area of Intykbayev A.M. involves the development and improvement of production technology of heavy non-ferrous metals (lead, zinc, copper), as well as the development of technologies for processing man-made waste of metallurgical production (slag, mattes, and dusts). On the results of scientific research Intykbayev A.M. has published more than 80 artworks, 55 inventor's certificates, of which 14 are introduced into production. For these merits to him by the Presidium Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR from 19 September 1989 Intykbayev A.M. was awarded the honorary title "Distinguished Inventor of the Kazakh SSR".

Implementation of the invention in the production, such as:

  • №956585 "Charge agglomeration firing lead materials";

  • №950786 "Method for processing lead industrial products ";

  • №« 889726 "Method high zinc slag fuming";

  • №1116078 "Coarse dressing method of black lead", etc.. given the overall economic effect of 1,7 million rubles (in prices 1970). In addition a number of inventions implemented in similar enterprises of Kazakhstan. For example, Dzhezkazgan and the Balkhash copper-smelting workshops introduced the technology of waste processing zinc production - clinker directly for converting copper matte, which allows extracting additional copper and precious metals in the "black" copper.

Developed and improved technologies for production of heavy non-ferrous metals (lead, zinc, copper), as well as other non-ferrous metals (arsenic, tin, bismuth), which issued to an inventor's certificate, particular interests for non-ferrous metallurgy, and can be implemented in practice. These developments include: №956585 "Charge agglomerated firing of lead concentrates"; №111678 " Coarse dressing method of slag"; № 1028733 "Method for speiss processing "; №908880 "Method for processing scrap batteries", etc.

More than 30 years of his career, Intykbayev A.M. worked directly in the workplace. During this time Intykbayev A.M. became a laureate prize UOEI (union organization of engineer, innvators) USSR for 1986. For many years, and faultless work, a worthy contribution to the development and introduction of new technology in production, Intykbayev A.M. awarded the marks and medals "Drummer IX and X of the five-year plans," "Distinguished Inventor of Kazakhstan", "Veteran of Labor", and many certificates of honor "of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan ". In addition, for special services to the Republic of Kazakhstan, to Intykbayev A.M. by the Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan designated personal pension (protocol number of the Commission 8 of 26. 06. 94 year). And in honor of the 75th years Intykbayev A.M. was awarded with honorary diploma of the Kazakh National Technical University name after K.I. Satpayev.

Marital status - married, has three sons: Erken, Dauren, Saken and he also has grandchildren.

  • Erken - renowned composer of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Dauren - lecturer of Railway Institute in Almaty.

  • Saken - producer and theaters musician.