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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Almaty diverse technical and economic college
Almaty diverse technical and economic college.This college has successfully been working in the area of educational service since 2002 (The state license is AA-5 №0059887). In 2007 the college was graded by the Education Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The founder and director of the college is a talented scientist and organizer, doctor of the chemical sciences, professor – Maimakov Tauzhan Permanoich. Because of the investment in the modern generation intellectual development, he was awarded the title of an honorary worker of Kazakhstan Republic’s education.  This honorary worker of education was also chosen as an academician of National academy of the high schools.

The college prepares specialist having secondary technical and professional education; the college makes transfers and reinstatements of students.

The process of study goes within 13 specialties:

  • Hotel service managing organization (service manager);

  • Tourism (manager);

  • The finances (financial managing economist );

  • Accounting and audit (book-keeping and the analysis of economic activity economist);

  • Economics (economist);

  • Standardization, metrology and certification (standardization technician);

  • Creation and exploitation gas-oil and filling stations (technician mechanic);

  • Chemical technology and production (technician - technologist);

  • Transport technical providing, maintenance and exploitation (technician - mechanic);

  • Stamping production (technician-technologist);

  • Computers and program providing (technician-programmer);

  • Optical and electronic equipment (connection technician);

  • Installation and inner medical - technical equipment exploitation, engineering system installation; (technician – plumber);

Specialization choosing is based on the understanding of Kazakhstan Republic’s perspectives. The preparation of students is carried out according to the time demand of state educational standards by using - up – date experience, methods and technologies.

The study is run in Russian and Kazakh both on day and in distance learning.

The college prepares specialists so as to work in industrial works of the Republic, institutions, project constructions and science project organizations; in printing works and chemical laboratories with different kind of properties.

At first, there used to get enrolled 50 students. Year by year, the number of enrolling students increases and nowadays this rate is known to be around 1000 students. The rise of the college is a result of optimizations, innovations and traditions, theory and practice combination, young teachers’ energy and personnel experience.

The college was the first one in the republic to prepare specialists in printing production technology, designing and creating gas and oil stores and also in filling stations.

The state educational standards of these and other different type of specialists, approximate education programs by disciplines were created by the team under Maimakov T. P’s control.

In Moscow, at the third International summit “The leader of National economy 2008” for the investment in up-to-date education standards development on the condition of the market economy he was awarded An International award “The leader of the national economy”.  Educational, science – methodical and organization works are being run by 40 permanent teachers having the highest and first categories.

Teachers’ talents, theoretical knowledge, experience and energy are directed in order to solve main tasks and aims of the college – preparation of the high qualified, fast reacting, ready for further specialist qualifications, able to compete in domestic and foreign labor markets for which increasing demands specialists should be ready.

There are cyclic commission methods functioning at the college:

  • Elementary cycle (The chairman is Kalieva Zh. Zh);

  • General human and social – economic cycle (The chairman is Ainakulov D.Zh);

  • Cycle of general professional and special disciplines (The presidents are Kashkarov Z. A, Litovkina N.Z and Sagandikova M.N).

At the college there are all necessary students’ utilities for academic - methodical and scientific disciplines, cultural and athletic interests.

The process of the study is run in technically provided cabinets, specialized laboratories, multi and computerized classes, all of which are connected to the internet web, which provides total free and easy access to the world information and library sources, to funds and databases, methodical aids and reference literature of the subjects which are taught at the college; it also opens all opportunities so as to create all specialized skills of professional activities.

The library is provided with up – to – date scientific, methodical and scientific literature, electronic books – the fund is continuously refilled up and renewed; there is a reading room.

The educational basement of the college always changes. The audience fund, computer classes, laboratories, equipment providing meets the requirements of sanitary and technical standards and provides all theoretical and practical preparations planned by the educational system to be run.

While experiencing the study process, the staff of the college is elaborating on individual work programs also learning and introducing some up – to – date interactive methods and teaching technologies including debate technologies, role games and heuristic conversations. All of these help to activate independent thinking ability development and to enable spiritual enrichment, active civil position working out.

That is the professors, doctors and candidates that high professional preparations are provided whereby.

The educational study work is planned in such a way so as to educate students in harmonic development area and in the sense of patriotism formation.

Students and teachers of the college take active parts in solving important problems to the city and country, in sport activities of the city, in different festival and competition organizations, in scientific Olympiads, in annual spring scientific practice conferences, in the “Almaty students’ alliance ”movement.

The goals of student conferences being carried out are to improve professional skill formations, to get extra education, to learn the newest domestic and foreign achievements, problems with information technologies, economy, safety, health guard and environment guard and also to make students understand and realize their roles and responsibilities while taking care of the previous problems.  The events are supposed to be an education cognitive way; it enables every student to discover themselves as creative personalities.

The staff of the college conducts some scientific researches within state orders of budget programs and economic bargains. The results of these scientific researches are extensively used in the study process, included into appropriate lecture courses, diploma and project designing.

The most important trends of the college are:

  • Improving the organization and carrying out the college;

  • New teaching technology learning and introduction;

  • State education standards and typical study programs for specialized universities and colleges elaborations;

  • Improving logistical, study methodical, bibliographical and informational providing of the study process;

  • Industrial base providing so as to carry out professional experience, lab and practice experiments;

  • Educating active civil positions, patriotism, morality, spirituality and healthy life style;

  • Publishing activities (article publishing in a periodic printing, methodical textbooks and books publishing);

  • International collaboration process elaboration.

Under the head’s hand, the staff of the college develops work and individual plans, education disciplines and practice programs based on the state necessary standards in according to an international specialist with secondary education preparation experience principles for guaranteed and qualified assimilation new educational programs.