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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Shaikhin Zhadyger Shaikhinovich

Shaikhin Zhadyger ShaikhinovichShaikhin Zhadyger Shaikhinovich was born on January, 10, 1926 in the town of AKTYUBINSK in the family of Abilov, Shaikhy and Kamilla. Being 5 years old he lost his father who died in 1931 in the town of Kyzylorda where Shaikhy Abilov had worked as a regional prosecutor. On September 8, 1984, Zhadyger’s mother, Kamila Abilova, who had always been a loyal friend and a mentor of all his life passed away. Kamila dedicated all her hard life to work and upbringing of her three children (Roza, Zhadyger and Kambar). Starting her early labour activity as a milkmaid she reached the position of the Chairman of the collective farm; and now her bronze bust is standing in the museum of Aktyubinsk and a memorial plaque is haning in the house where she lived. Zhadyger always remembered her words that life is so short and one should manage to do so many things.

Even at that time Zhadyger decided for himself that he would follow his father’s path. After finishing school with distinction Zhadyger brilliantly graduated from the Kuibyshev All-Union Law Institute and then higher educational institutions in Leningrad and Moscow. In September, 1944, at the age of 18, Zhadyger was invited to work in the state security bodies. Starting as an inspector of the general service department and honestly passing all the ranks without missing a single one he served until he became the head of the Administration of the Committee for State Security (KGB) under the Council of Ministers of the KazSSR for Aktyubinsk Region where he worked for 19 years … In 1963, he was transferred to the Administration of the Committee for State Security (KGB) for East Kazakhstan Region, thereafter he managed the Administration of the Committee for State Security (KGB) for Dzheskazgan Region; starting from 1979 Zhadyger Shaikhinovich became the head of the First Directorate of Intelligence of the Committee for State Security (KGB) of the KazSSR whereafter he was transferred to the position of the head of the Administration of the Committee for National Security (KGB) for Taldykorgan Region. Zhadyger Shaikhinovich devoted 43 years of his life to ensuring the security of our Motherland, maintaining quietness and peace for our citizens; while in the service of external intelligence he had prepared many specialists who later distinguished themselves in the service to the Motherland. 36 out of 43 years of servicing in the state security bodies he occupied managerial positions, he was repeatedly elected as a member of the bureau of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and a deputy of the Regional Council of people’s deputies. Colonel Zhadyger Shaikhin was awarded with an Order of the Red Star, 26 medals, 2 merit certificates of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the KazSSR, 4 merit certificates of the Committee for State Security of the USSR and the KazSSR for his services to the Motherland, he was also awarded with a reward “Honorary Officer of the Committee for State Security of the USSR” by the External Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation and an award pin “WINNER” with a testimonial signed by General of the Army S.Lebedev which was presented by the Embassador of Russia on behalf of President Vladimir Putin. In 1987, after retirement, veteran Zhadyger Shaikhin diligently continued his work acting as a Chairman of the Standing Commission on Issues of Law and Order and Social Security of People of the Taldykorgan Regional Council of People’s Deputies, Chairman of the Council of veterans of the Department of the Committee for National Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Almaty Region and then Chairman of the Town Council of veterans and practically till the last days of his life he was the head of the Almaty Regional Council of the Branch of the Republican Non-governmental Organization “Veterans of the Committee for National Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Shaikhin Zhadyger Shaikhinovich

An irreparable loss happened after 40 of happy domestic life - wife Aglen went away in 1987 from life . With second wife, Adema, in love and consent, of Shaikhin Zhadyger lived 24, showing the boundless caring to the children, to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren that became anymore in the new united family. Children: Aibek, Gulsim, Bibigul, Aigul, Nazgul. Grandchildren: Zhanna, Ruslan, – Anuar, Timur, Malika, Kamilla, Amina, Magzhan, Adiya and Aizhan. Great-grandchildren: Dimash, Naiman, Yearsyl and Karim.

Occupying responsible posts, moving in top echelons of power, dedicating all his strength and life to the rough service, nevertheless Zhadyger Shaikhinovich always found both time and hearty warmth for his family and friends generously showing the other side of his personality to them – a talented person with an endlessly understanding and respondent heart who deeply empathized other people and was very sensitive to beauty. All this was reflected in his poems, songs, music which he dedicated to the ones he loved, his relatives and friends. He performed professional civil human feats every day of his life for other people to have a better life. He thought that this was the main secret of happiness. He considered himself to be a happy person.

Shaikhin Zhadyger Shaikhinovich

Executing his civil duty during opening of voting at the elections of the Majilis of the Parliament and maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan a legendary person, Zhadyger Shaikhinovich Shaikhin, passed away at 06:45 on January 15th, 2012. By the will of fate the anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan started to play at this very moment as if the Almighty thankfully gave him an opportunity to have his final journey to these solemn strains of his Motherland to which he had devotedly served all his life …

The death of Zhadyger Shaikhinovich Shaikhin is a huge loss. A loss for his wife, children, grandchildren …A loss for the nation and the country.