Kaidarov Rustem Yessimkhanovich
KaidarovMajor General of Justice. Honored Worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of USSR.

Full associate member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; member of the International Academy of Informatization. Professor, Chair of the Presidium of Republic-wide Public Association Council of Generals, Honorary Professor of the International Ecological Chamber.

Date of birth: 18 May 1940; place of birth: Sosnovka Village, Beskaragai District, Semipalatinsk Region; parents were engaged in timber industry. Graduated from Kirov Kazakh State University, Faculty of Law. 1966-1976 - investigator, senior investigator, deputy chief of militia of Semipalatinsk City, chief of Kirov District Unit of Internal Affairs, deputy chief of the investigation unit at Semipalatinsk Region Directorate of Internal Affairs.

Kaidarov Rustem Yessimkhanovich1976-85 - instructor of Semipalatinsk Region Committee of Party and Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, first deputy chief of Directorate of Internal Affairs of Semipalatinsk Region Executive Committee. 1985-92 - chief of the Directorate of Internal Affairs of Zhezkazgan Region Executive Committee, chief of the interregional directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR for suppression of organized crime for Kazakh SSR and Kirgiz SSR.

1992-95 - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 1995-96 - Senior Deputy Chairman of the State Investigation Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 1996-99 - Chair of the Academic Department of Criminal Science and Forensic Expert Examination of the Kazakh State University of Law, President of the Fund for Assistance of Suppression of Organized Crime, Corruption and Smuggling. 1999 - President, Chairman of the Management Board of Korgau Saving Pension Fund.

Rustem Y. KaidarovAuthor of more than 20 research articles and training manuals. One of authors of the Comments to the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Kazakh SSR. Member of the working group of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan for development of a number of model codes at the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (St. Petersburg). Leader of the Governmental Delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the 39th session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (Vienna, Austria, 1996). Leader of the delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for development of Minsk Convention. One of authors of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan ‘Uniform Information Space'. Awarded with orders ‘Parasat' (Kazakhstan), ‘Star of the Commonwealth', ‘For Merits', ‘For Noble Thoughts and Actions' (Russian Federation), 24 medals of the USSR, Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation.

GeneralsHis wife, Aimen Zheksembayevna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences is a Professor of Abay Almaty National Pedagogical University. His son Yerbol is a businessman, his daughter Gulsim is an economist. Rustem Kaidarov has three grandchildren.