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Kazakhstan’s Hall of Fame
Сентябрь 23
Merhamitkyzy Farida

Farida Merhamitkyzy was born in the city Shaueshek in China on the 22nd of February in 1966. After leaving Kazakh secondary school she entered Pedagogical University in 1983. After graduating university by speciality «Natural science and geography», she worked as a editor in a department «Natural science and geography» at a scientific engineering printing-office.
In 1993 [...]

Сентябрь 19
The Satpaev Kazakh National Technical University

The Satpaev Kazakh National Technical University is near 75 years of age and its integral role and part of Higher Education System, republic formation and furnishing it with engineers cannot be exaggerated.  Almost all the research-and-development plant of Kazakhstan was created by the «Polytech», as it’s popularly styled, alumni and their unjaded mind.
Among them quite [...]

Сентябрь 18
Galiev Seitgali Joldasovich

Seitgali Joldasovich Galiev was born on the 18 of January 1958 in Karaganda.
He started his career in 1975 in the publishing house of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Kazakhstan, where he worked for a short time as an apprentice mechanic.  In 1976-1978, he served in the Soviet Army as a section leader.  In [...]

Сентябрь 15
Absattar Haji Derbisali

The chairman of religious administration of musilims of Kazakhstan and central asia council of mufti, surprime mufti

Сентябрь 13
Abdullaev Ondassyn Abdullaevich

I, Abdullaev Ondassyn Abdullaevich, was born on the 13 of September in 1948 in the collective farm named by Kirov, Enbekshikazakh district, Almaty region in the family of employers.
I graduated Almaty musical college named by Tchaikovsky in 1968. In 1980 I graduated Almaty state conservatoire named by Kurmangazy.
My labour activity I began by the teacher [...]

Сентябрь 10
The company «Erke-Nur»

The company «Erke-Nur» was established in 1997. The main trend of the company is making modern national clothes. Now the company is famous in light industry of Kazakhstan. Keeping to traditions and customs of kazakh people the company makes high-quality clothes for men and women. They also sew souvenirs school uniform, military clothes, special clothes [...]

Август 20
Amanov Batyrbai

Amanov Batyrbai was born in 20.08.1948 in Kaskelen town of Almaty oblast of the RK. In 1968 he graduated the Almaty Hydro-meliorative Technical College, and successfully graduated the Tselinograd Agricultural Institute in 1978.
He begun his career as a technical worker of Middle-Asian Aerophotosurvey Enterprise of the MAC of the USSR, later in State Institute [...]

Июль 1
«Elim-ai» children`s musical-chorus school

«Elim-ai», Children’s Musical-Chorus School was established in 1998.
The Director and conductor of «Elim-ai» is Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Larissa Romanovskaya.
Around 200 children attend «Elim-ai» each year. The school comprises a special choir, piano, guitar and vocal singing departments. Very talented and experienced teachers teach our children.
«Elim-ai» has won the following awards and [...]

Июнь 19
Ilesheva Razaliya

Ilesheva Razaliya – the doctor of medical sciences, the professor, the honored worker of a science.
Was born on June, 19, 1927 in Uralsk the Western - Kazakhstan area, she is kazakh. In 1946 has with distinction finished the Ural medical assistant’s school. In 1951 has with distinction ended the Kazakh State medical institute.
From 1951 to [...]

Июнь 14
Khaidarov Alim Khakimovich

Khaidarov Alim Khakimovich was born on the 14th of June, 1944 in Alma - Ata city. For all my life I have been living in Alma - Ata - Almaty.
In 1962 I left secondary school № 39 and began working as a technician - hydrologist at the Alma - Ata Hydrological station of the Kazakh [...]

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